(this is why)

Sure, you can do your own writing. But you better hire me if you want to make a difference with your text and campaigns. I can give you the same boring clich├ęs, complex jargon and baffling circumlocution (huh, what?) as your competitors use – if you want me to. Or not, if you want effective copy that saves you time and makes your sales go up. Sounds good, right? Call me for a quote.

(this is what)

  • English and Dutch for web, app and print
  • copywriting: campaigns, profiles, press-releases, newsletters, product descriptions, project proposals, applications, manuals etc.
  • editing, structuring and rewriting your existing text
  • proofreading and guiding your writing
  • creating powerful mottos and catchy slogans
  • translations
  • (this is how)

  • call me or send me an email
  • we discuss what you are looking for
  • I make you an offer you can’t refuse
  • I write a text or campaign that suits your demands
  • I send you a fairly priced invoice
  • we both win
  • (this is you)

  • independent designer
  • design studio
  • non-profit design or art organisation
  • educational institution in design or art
  • professional or promotional organisation in design or art